Team Development

Catalyst expert consultants harness over 65 years of meta-analytic research plus deep experience working with executive teams across myriad industries to help you:

  • Build high-performing teams
  • Set common goals and align across groups and functions
  • Facilitate collaboration and resolve conflict among leadership
  • Lead effectively as one united, aligned, focused and capable leadership team

Catalyst team development services deliver by:

  • Engaging leaders as owners in their effort
  • Taking advantage of the Catalyst proprietary model The Five Drivers of High-Perfomance Teams as the foundation of effective team building
  • Conducting a team assessment process  The Catalyst: Leadership Team Assessment  to determine the current state of the team and to guide team development efforts
  • Discerning team goals, then working with the leadership team to customize a plan to meet them
  • Facilitating fully engaging senior leadership team meetings and retreats
  • Empowering each team with the tools and processes that allow them to continue to grow over time

“Ann’s approach to team development and challenging our leadership team to remove limits and barriers was pragmatic, useful and inspiring.  She has a very positive and insightful way of drawing on previous experiences and best practices to help us understand that the impossible, as we may have thought, is really very possible.  She truly helped bring out the best in our team.”    

President, Global Industrial Coating Company
"Ann is a great professional who brought great support in building the foundation of our newly formed Leadership team following an acquisition. She engaged very efficiently with us while rapidly capturing the various dynamics of the team. At the heart of our strategic work, she truly partnered with us to redefine our rules of engagement."  
SVP of Human Resources, Industry Business, Global Energy Management and Automation Company
"I inherited a team of senior leaders who were not at all invested in working as a team. In fact, they explicitly rejected it as a priority. Ann has helped me assess talent, organize our function and make significant strides in team development. I think my entire leadership team has benefited from the coaching and counsel I receive from Ann.”
Vice President, Global Apparel Company