Executive Coaching and Development

An experienced Catalyst consultant is your trusted partner who helps you gather the vital data, then develop and follow through on the plan to reach your career objectives. This includes highlighting and minimizing potential blind spots that may hold you back as well as putting strategies in place that take advantage of your differentiating talents.

Count on the expertise of Catalyst executive coaches to:

  • Pinpoint key areas for development that will get you to the next level
  • Emphasize and employ important personal differentiators that set you apart from the pack
  • Get the tailored career coaching approach that meets your unique needs and goals
  • Gain the insight and solutions that work specifically for your organization, in your culture and for your team

Essential Catalyst coaching program components:

  • Establishment of a coaching plan that meets your needs and budget
  • Coaching plans focused on 2 - 3 characteristic drivers of high performance
  • Regularly scheduled meetings to discuss concerns, strategies and progress as business issues arise in real time
  • Effective tools and timely training on relevant topics
  • Measurement of growth and success
  • Plan of action to raise the bar over time

Leaders transitioning to a new or expanded role face several challenges:


Crushing new demands that you may not anticipate will be made on your time. Make sure you're prepared. 


Assessing your team and hiring great talent is key, helping both you and your organization to thrive.


Cultivating the right relationships is critical to building support and avoiding future stumbling blocks.


Catalyst coaches are there at the right time, so that you're prepared to
step into your new role with confidence and clarity.

“Ann listens well, has immense knowledge and thus advice, follows up to ensure progress, and really cares. I am a more effective leader due to Ann’s coaching.”

Vice President, Global Technology Solutions Company


"Receiving a thorough and professional assessment of my leadership attributes and behaviors has been a true gift from my Company!  The in depth discussions with my coach around my leadership attributes and behaviors has enabled me to better understand why I have been successful or unsuccessful in the past ... and has made me far more thoughtful and focused in how I present new ideas today.  Thank you Catalyst!  

Vice President - Life Insurance Operations


"Catalyst has fundamentally changed our organization.  Our senior management group is now not only open to coaching, but has embraced it as a core competency.  As result we are more open, more effective, more efficient and the financial results reflect it."

Chairman and CEO, Financial Services Company


"My Catalyst Coach challenged me and pushed me out of my comfort zone.”

Director, Global Biopharmaceutical Company


"When you find a person that demonstrates a winning track record combined with an attitude of being personally attached to my personal and professional success and that of our company, you have someone that is far more than a resource.  You have an asset. Ann has always exceeded our expectations on performance, and I give her my highest personal and professional recommendation."

President and COO, Leading Motorcycle Parts Distribution Company