Founded in 2000, Catalyst International is a management consulting firm specializing in executive coaching and development, high-performance team development and executive assessment for organizations. As trusted advisors, our mission is to advance the success and well being of people and organizations through superior services, confidential consultation and effective, efficient, results-driven methods.

Based on years of research in the field of organizational psychology, Dr. Ann Ortiz has developed her own proprietary methodology over the past thirty years to guide the management consultancy services offered by Catalyst International. Our clients can always be confident that the solutions offered to individuals and organizations are proven best practices that lead to most successful outcomes.



Ann E. Ortiz, Ph.D. - Founder

Catalyst International Founder Ann E. Ortiz is one of the most highly regarded management consultants in her field. With over 30 years of experience helping guide high-level professionals and high-performance teams worldwide, Ann has assessed and coached over 11,000 executives in virtually every industry.

Marilyn Goerz Davis, M.S. - Partner

Marilyn Davis has forged a career in management consulting for more than 25 years. She has become a trusted partner to business leaders from a variety of organizations and industries and has helped Catalyst International earn its reputation for expertise in the field of personnel selection and development.